Java Reference
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Part 1
Programming beyond
Hello World
Welcome to enterprise OSG i! In this first part, you'll get a feel for the
modularity of OSG i bundles, programming web applications, accessing data in a
database, controlling the flow of transactions, and packaging bundles into a sin-
gle unit.
Chapter 1 starts off gently by introducing OSG i and explaining why modular-
ity—which is what OSG i provides—is so important.
If you're itching to get coding, don't worry. Chapter 2 shows you how to develop
your first enterprise OSG i application. You'll write a modular web application and
connect it to OSG i services using JNDI and Blueprint dependency injection.
Having mastered the frontend, what about the backend? Chapter 3 shows
you how to use JPA persistence and JTA transactions in an OSG i environment.
Chapter 4 discusses how to package OSG i bundles together into OSG i
By the time you've finished reading this part, you'll be able to write your own
enterprise OSG i application, with a web frontend and a transactional database
backend. It will be loosely coupled and nicely modularized. And best of all—
writing it will be easy!
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