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uniquely identified by their symbolic names and versions. Maven's bundle plug-in
combines module-level (or bundle-level) dependencies declared in the pom.xml with
bnd bytecode analysis to produce OSG i manifests that declare package-level depen-
dencies. The convenient thing about this process is that it involves almost no extra
work compared to normal Maven JAR packaging.
Let's see what the pom.xml file looks like for a simple bundle with no external
dependencies, fancyfoods.api , in this listing.
Listing 8.2
The pom.xml build file for the fancyfoods.api bundle
<project xmlns=""
<name>Fancy Foods API</name>
The critical bit that
enables bundle plug-in
Configure what
goes in generated
Versions from
package-info files
API bundle has no
The manifest generation is controlled by the plug-in configuration for the bundle
plug-in B . We've kept all the plug-in configuration in the same file for clarity, but it's
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