Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Best practices for
enterprise applications
This chapter covers
How to scope your OSGi bundles
The importance of keeping your bundle's private
bits private
Why static factory classes are no longer your friend
The whiteboard pattern, a better alternative to the
listener pattern
Avoiding bad WAR habits, and why it makes sense
to keep persistence code in its own bundle
In the first part of this topic, we took a focused look at the Apache Aries project and
how it can be used to write useful enterprise OSG i applications that leverage a com-
bination of base OSG i modularity, enterprise services, and a lightweight program-
ming model. Although this was an incredibly fast way to get to grips with enterprise
OSG i, we feel it's time now to take a step back and look at some of the principles
underlying what we've been doing. Why did we structure the Fancy Foods application
the way we did? What patterns should you be applying to your own applications?
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