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In this chapter we've discussed the need for a packaging model beyond the OSG i bun-
dle and we've also looked at what's provided by Java EE EAR s, both the good and bad
points. EBA s provide a familiar, powerful packaging model that leverages the modular-
ity of OSG i bundles to provide great flexibility at runtime.
Most importantly, having packaged up the Fancy Foods application, you should
now know enough about the structure of an EBA to be able to build your own. With a
little experience, you'll quickly see how bundles can be packaged together to take
advantage of resolution and provisioning, reducing the size and complexity of your
applications. Having added to your knowledge of WAB s, persistence bundles, and
Blueprint, you can now begin to think of yourself as a real enterprise OSG i developer.
For those of you who are interested in more than a basic understanding of enter-
prise OSG i, our journey is far from over. In the next part of this topic, we'll take a look
at some of the more advanced features of enterprise OSG i.
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