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Figure 4.7 The installed EBA. Because the development stack doesn't support isolation,
all of the application bundles are visible using the ss command. These bundles have been
installed, but not started, by the application runtime.
isolated content. To run the EBA application, start the development stack with a clean
load directory, and then drop the EBA into it. The runtime will detect the EBA , resolve
it, and install it. With a little extra configuration you could get your development stack
to automatically start the EBA as well. For the time being, if you want to check that the
application still works, then you can start the bundles yourself from the Equinox con-
sole. You should be able to use the application as before (as long as you remembered
to add the datasource bundle into the EBA !). See figure 4.7.
Although this EBA was easy to create, it doesn't offer much control. What if you
want to change the name and version of your EBA ?
When an application is under active development, it's convenient to avoid specifying
any metadata, but this quickly becomes problematic as the application becomes more
mature and needs to be passed to others for testing. At this point, it's much better to
give the application a sensible name and, as with any OSG i artifact, a version. This
information can be supplied as shown in the following listing.
Listing 4.2
The manifest for the Fancy Foods EBA
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Application-ManifestVersion: 1.0
Application-Name: The Fancy Foods online superstore
Application-SymbolicName: fancyfoods.application
Application-Version: 1.0
The example manifest in listing 4.2 contains two pieces of metadata describing the
format of the application manifest itself and three pieces about the application. You'll
start by describing the two pieces of formatting information that are required for any
application manifest (if it's present):
The Manifest-Version: 1.0 header and value is required by the Java manifest
specification to indicate that this metadata file uses standard Java manifest
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