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After login, you can search for books with the title “JSF” in order to find some sample results.
You can create whatever number of users you need from the registration page and whatever number of books
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We are assuming the default ports will work (8080 and 4848); in your local environment, you may have
different working ports.
This chapter takes you on a beginning-to-end journey for building a “complete” JSF 2.2 application in the Java EE 7
environment starting from the application specification and wireframes until developing and deploying the
application. This chapter shows you how to architect and develop a nontrivial JSF 2.2 application, including modeling
the application data, building the application services (APIs), constructing domain model, and finally creating nifty
user interface using the latest Java EE 7 stack (JSF 2.2, EJB 3.2, JPA 2.1, CDI 1.1, and Java Bean Validation).
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