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status : An integer field to represent the request status. It can have one of three values
(1 for pending, 2 for rejected, and 3 for approved).
userId : Represents the request associated user object.
bookId : Represents the request associated book object.
These are the available three service EJBs; as can be noticed in the previous code snippets, many methods of the
manager EJBs throw instances of the following custom exceptions:
All of these custom exceptions inherit from java.lang.Exception . Listing 13-16 shows BookAlreadyExists
exception as an example.
Listing 13-16. BookAlreadyExists Exception
package com.jsfprohtml5.megaapp.service.exception;
import javax.ejb.ApplicationException;
public class BookAlreadyExists extends Exception {
public BookAlreadyExists () {
this.message = "Book already exists";
public BookAlreadyExists(String message) {
this.message = message;
public String getMessage() {
return this.message;
private String message;
it is recommended to annotate custom application exception with @ApplicationException in order to avoid
having them wrapped in container exceptions. Doing this will allow the eJB client to catch the thrown exceptions directly
without having to unwrap container exceptions.
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