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In-Depth Information
Not ValueHolder components are those which have the value attribute such as (label and output text), and they
implement the ValueHolder interface. the EditableValueHolder components are a subtype of the ValueHolder
components that can have their values edited by the users such as the (input text). ActionSource components are those
which can make actions such as (command button and command link), and they implement the ActionSource interface
(or ActionSource2 since JSF 1.2).
After reading this chapter, you know what JSF is and you see how the JSF framework has evolved over time. You know
the JSF architecture and have learned how to develop a JSF application that covered many interesting topics in the JSF
world (basic UI components, managed beans, expression language, templating, resource bundles, and validation).
Finally, you know how the JSF request processing life cycle works behind the scene. In the next chapters, all of the
mentioned JSF topics in the chapter and other advanced topics will be illustrated in more detail.
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