HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information = You need to enter a username
user.password.validation = You need to enter a password = You need to enter an email = Invalid Email
user.fname.validation = You need to enter first name
user.lname.validation = You need to enter last name
user.zipCode.validation = You need to enter zip code
user.profession.profession1 = Software Engineer
user.profession.profession2 = Project Manager
user.profession.profession3 = Other = Next
application.back = Back
application.cancel = Cancel
application.finish = Finish
application.login = Login
application.loginpage.title = Login page
application.loginpage.register = New user? register now!
application.welcome = Welcome
application.weatherpage.title = Weather page
application.weatherpage.logout = Logout
application.weatherpage.currentInfo = Current Weather Information
application.register = Register
application.register.title = Registration page
application.register.return = Back to home
application.defaultpage.title = Default Title
application.defaultpage.header.content = Welcome to the weather application
application.defaultpage.body.content = Your content here ...
application.defaultpage.footer.content = Thanks for using the application
The use of the main.css file of the template is for handling the look and feel and the layout as shown in
Listing 10-9.
Listing 10-9. main.css Style File
h1, p, body, html {
font-family: sans-serif;
body {
background-color: #B3B1B2;
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