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Table 9-3. ( continued )
Notifications emitted by <rich:notify>, <rich:notifyMessage> and <rich:notifyMessages> are
displayed in top-right corner of the screen by default.
<rich:notifyStack> can be used to define where messages will appear and handles their
The <rich:orderingList> is a component for ordering items in a list (client-side).
The <rich:panel> component is a bordered panel with an optional header.
The <rich:panelMenu> component is used in conjunction with <rich:panelMenuItem> and
<rich:panelMenuGroup> to create an expanding, hierarchical menu. The <rich:panelMenu>
component's appearance can be highly customized, and the hierarchy can stretch to any
number of sub-levels.
The <rich:pickList> is a component for selecting items from a list. Additionally, it allows for
the selected items to be ordered (client-side).
The <rich:placeholder> component allows one to use functionality similar to the HTML5
placeholder attribute for input components.
The <rich:popupPanel> component provides a pop-up panel or window that appears in
front of the rest of the application. The <rich:popupPanel> component functions either as a
modal window, which blocks interaction with the rest of the application while active, or as a
nonmodal window. It can be positioned on the screen, dragged to a new position by the user,
and resized.
The <rich:progressBar> component displays a progress bar to indicate the status of a process
to the user. It can update either through Ajax or on the client side, and the look and feel can
be fully customized.
The <rich:select> component provides a drop-down list box for selecting a single value from
multiple options. The <rich:select> component can be configured as a combo-box, where it
will accept typed input.
The <rich:tabPanel> component provides a set of tabbed panels for displaying one panel
of content at a time. The tabs can be highly customized and themed. Each tab within a
<rich:tabPanel> container is a <rich:tab> component.
The <rich:togglePanel> component is used as a base for the other switchable components,
the <rich:accordion> component and the <rich:tabPanel> component. It provides an abstract
switchable component without any associated markup. As such, the <rich:togglePanel>
component could be customized to provide a switchable component when neither an
accordion component nor a tab panel component is appropriate.
The <rich:toolbar> component is a horizontal toolbar. Any JavaServer Faces (JSF) component
can be added to the toolbar.
The <rich:tooltip> component provides an informational tool-tip. The tool-tip can be
attached to any control and is displayed when hovering the mouse cursor over the control.
The <rich:tree> component provides a hierarchical tree control. Each <rich:tree> component
typically consists of <rich:treeNode> child components.
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