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The JavaFX Transformation API applies operations that transform the geometric properties of
the target shapes relative to their current spatial attributes. All node instances in the scene
graph are capable of receiving transformations. In the previous example, we are applying two
transformation operations to the rectangle: Translate and Scale. As of version 1.2, the JavaFX
SDK provides the transform operations listed next. You can find an example of their usage at
ch03/source-code/src/transformation/ .
F Translate —shifts all x and y points of the node to new co-ordinate space relative to
its original co-ordinate space.
F Scale —stretches (scales) the dimension of a node by a specified factor. The number
specified in the scale operation is a multiplier, not a dimension.
F Shear —all points along the specified axis remain constant while the parallel side is
shifted by a given factor.
F Rotate —rotates a node for the specified number of degrees about a given
pivot point.
You can instantiate transformation classes using the object literal form (as shown in
the previous example), or you may use class-level functions from Transform including
Transform.translate() , Transform.scale() , Transform.shear() , and
Transform.rotate() .
In the code snippet for this recipe, we apply the transformation operations using the
transforms:Transform[] property. This approach allows you to attach several
transformations to the target shape. In this example, the transforms sequence is applied
when the shape receives a mouse event.
There's more...
Besides the transforms sequence property discussed earlier in this recipe, the Node
class (inherited by all shapes) also exposes individual properties to apply the transformation
operations, shown next:
F translateX or translateY —these properties allow you to specify a value used to
shift the node's co-ordinate space along the x or y axis
F scaleX or scaleY —this value is used as a factor to scale the dimension of the
object along the x or y axis about the center of the object
F rotate —this value is the degree used to rotate the object about its center
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