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F JFXtras —this is one of the earliest efforts to create a third-party, open-source
extension to JavaFX. JFXtras boasts a sizeable collection of components, including
layouts, borders, visual controls, persistence, and threading. From their website,
JFXtras includes an entire community of users, complete with code samples, support,
and other valuable resources. See to see all components
available from JFXtras.
F ReportMill's DataBox —previously known as JFXBuilder, this an interesting tool. It
allows its users to create fully functional and deployable JavaFX applications by
simple point-and-click. As the name implies, DataBox has inherent support for
data connectivity, including database, FTP, and the cloud. Applications created with
DataBox can be deployed as applets and run on any browser that supports JavaFX.
For details, visit .
F MemeFX —this is another open-source component collection. It started out as an
offering of multi-parameter analog gauges created in JavaFX. However, the project
has evolved to offer other visual components including image controls, HTML text
controls, menus, and stage extensions. See
memefx/ for details.
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