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What gets exported
Although the Production Suite plugin exports Photoshop layers as PNG files, the following
outlines additional assets that are exported in the FXD file (as of version 1.2 of the SDK):
F Layer effects —the plugin will export the following effects as native JavaFX
effect objects:
Drop Shadow / Inner Shadow—supports color, angle, size, and
opacity. However, blending options are omitted.
Outer Glow / Inner Shadow—supports color, size, and opacity.
However, bleeding and gradient options are omitted.
Other layer effects from Photoshop are rasterized as part of the
PNG image.
F Color modes —the plugin will export only gray scale and RGB colors.
F Layer masks or clipping mask —layers are converted to PNG format, and receive
a JavaFX blending effect with a BlendMode.SRC_IN value.
Exporting Adobe Illustrator graphics
to JavaFX
In the recipe Exporting Adobe Photoshop graphics to JavaFX , we saw how JavaFX's Production
Suite tools are used to integrate creative assets into the development workflow. In this recipe,
we are going to see how to use JavaFX's Production Suite to export Adobe Illustrator graphics
objects as JavaFX graphics objects.
Getting ready
To be able to convert graphics objects from Illustrator to JavaFX graphics objects, you must
first download Production Suite from , and install it.
Production Suite is a set of tools that are part of the JavaFX platform that includes a plugin for
Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4, a plugin for Illustrator CS3/CS4, an SVG converter, and a JavaFX
viewing tool named Viewer (see Introduction for further details).
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