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How it works...
The code in this recipe demonstrates an example of how to use the ProgressBar control to
provide gradual feedback on a long-running process. The control works simply. It only requires
the property progress:Number to be provided. This is a ratio, between 0.0 and 1.0 , of the
completed activity. The control uses that value to draw the progress bar accordingly.
In the recipe, in order to continually update the progress bar, we bind the progress
property to the convenience function ProgressBar.computeProgress(total:Number,
current:Number) to calculate the progress ratio with the following code segment:
def prog = ProgressBar {
progress: bind ProgressBar.computeProgress(total, counter)
In this recipe, the long-running process is simulated using an instance of Timeline named
timer . In the code, the Timeline instance includes a KeyFrame which restarts repeatedly
every 100ms due to repeateCount=Timeline.INDEFINITE . At the end of each 100ms ,
the KeyFrame executes the function attached to the action property. In our example, that
function basically increments the variable counter by one if it is less than or equal to the
variable total . Otherwise, it stops the timeline. With every increment of counter , it causes
the ProgressBar instance to update itself because it is bound to the variable counter
through the progress property (see previous code snippet).
There's more...
As mentioned earlier in the recipe, JavaFX also offers the ProgressIndicator control
as another class, which can be used to provide users with feedback of progress during a
long-running process. The ProgressIndicator operates in the exact same way as the
ProgressBar and exposes the progress:Number property as a way to indicate the ratio
of completion. ProgressIndicator , however, is rendered as a circular dial when displaying
progress. ProgressIndicator class is suitable for cramped areas where the bar may take
too much screen real estate. You can see an example of the progress indicator in ch04/
source-code/src/controls/ProgressIndicatorDemo.fx . It is the same code as
presented above; however, it uses a ProgressIndicator instead of a ProgressBar , as
shown in the next screenshot.
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