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Choose the Shape Editor Tool. Marquee-select some but not all of the control points.
There is a Smoothing slider in a different location on the Infobar, but it serves the
same purpose as the Freehand smoothing slider—you can use it to re-fit any path
created by using any drawing tool in Xara. Drag the slider to the left or to the right
and see that it affects only the path segments bound by their respective control points.
Use drawing tools in combination to create the art you need in record time. For
example, if you want to draw a torn sheet of paper, first draw the jaggy edge with
the Freehand and Brush Tool. Then switch to the Pen Tool, click the end point of the
selected Freehand path to extend it, click a bottom point and a left point, and then click to close the
path at top left.
Editing a Path's Components
You have several options for modifying path segments within
the overall path. They're available on the Infobar when you use
the Shape Editor Tool to select one or more control points along
a path. Figure 3-2 shows the area in Xara; detailed explanations
are provided in this section.
Current Mode
This area reports what you can do
when a control point is selected. For example, when
you've clicked on a control point along a path with
the Shape Editor Tool, the box says Change; click the
beginning or the end point on a path, you'll see Add.
When you click a point to start a path, the box says New.
Make next
segment a line
Give control point
cusp property
Delete selected
F IGURE 3-2 The Infobar when the
Shape Editor Tool is active.
Operation you're
performing to path
Make next
segment a curve
Give control point
smooth property
Break at
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