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Other right-button options are as follows and are the same
for left-button options:
-click A good reason to set the right button
to SHIFT -click is that this is the default mouse gesture
for setting the outline color for a shape, quicker than
accessing this command from the default pop-up menu. If
a shape has no outline, a SHIFT -click over a color swatch
adds the default outline width and the color you chose.
N -click Holding down ALT and clicking is used in Xara
to select underneath objects. If you have, for example, a
small object beneath a large one on a layer, and you know
it's there but it's hidden, ALT -clicking selects beneath the
current object on top (the cursor turns upside down as a
visual indicator of the action). If more than one object is
hidden, you can repeat the ALT -click to toggle to the next
hidden object, or use TA B to do the toggling.
Toggle full-screen mode
Full-screen mode is
marginally larger than normal view—full screen hides
the Windows interface “padding” and the menu. You
might never need to assign this mouse gesture to the
right button, because the pop-up right-click menu
provides you with the Full Screen command (the
keyboard shortcut is
on the number pad).
Push Tool
Other ways to quickly toggle to the Push
Tool (which pans the document window) include
dragging with the mouse wheel and holding the
Spacebar. Therefore, changing the right button's action
is truly a matter of personal work preference.
Set Snap Options
On this page, you can set the amount of “magnetism” your
cursor reacts to during a snap-to operation. Snapping to is the
onscreen result of getting your cursor close to but not exactly
touching an object or guideline—the Snap-To feature (which
you can enable and disable by using the horseshoe magnet
button on the Standard bar) guides you from “close” to exactly
the onscreen position you desire for object alignment. The
Magnetic Snap Radii options can be set for snapping distance
for both points and lines you draw in Xara. It's probably best
to leave the default settings as they are for this option: higher
amounts will make your drawing tools snap to other objects and
points that can be clear out of view.
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