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Click the selected pie wedge shape to display its center
point. With the Selector Tool still active, drag the center
of the triangle to lie on the intersection of the guides.
The pie wedge is in rotation mode.
Drag to relocate
the object center
Hold CTRL and drag the upper-
right double-headed rotation arrow
marker down. Right-click and then
release both buttons when the copy
has snapped into the 60-degree
rotation position.
Repeat step 11 four more times to
complete the design. As you can see
in Figure 2-2, making this complex
composition is easy work, and
the angle of constraint and shape
combinations make the process
smooth and predictable.
Use Nudge Distance for Pattern Creation
Nudging by using the keyboard arrow keys is not only useful
for precise positioning of objects and to nudge objects out of the
way when you're trying
to view underlying
shapes. It's also handy
for building seamless
tiling patterns. Suppose
you want to create a
seamless tiling pattern
from a few shapes you've
drawn. By using a nudge
distance that matches
the height and width of
a background rectangle,
you can clone and then
nudge shapes so they
wrap from top to bottom
and left to right.
Previous copy
Hold down CTRL and
drag a corner handle
Right-click before
releasing left mouse
button to drop a copy
F IGURE 2-2 Use Angle Constraint
for precision drop-copy operations.
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