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Don't click ALT and drag default buttons from control bars listed in the Control Bars box other
than Button Palette. Doing this actually moves the buttons from their control bar to the new
location. Then in the future when you want to dock a control bar, a desired button might be
missing and the only way to restore it is to use the Reset button, which restores all changes you've
made to all control bars.
You can rearrange buttons even if the Control Bars box is closed. For example, if the Options
button isn't exactly where you'd like it on the Toolbar, hold ALT and then drag the button up or
Build Your Own Control Bar
Technically, the Toolbar is a control bar, and it is part of the
standard set of control bars in Xara that you can dock and
undock and hide via the Control Bars box.
To undock the Toolbar, you need to position the cursor precisely at the divider screen element
(the “thumb“) and then drag the Toolbar into the drawing window. The Toolbar reorients to
landscape; you can then resize and reorient it by dragging a corner of the floating palette.
To dock the Toolbar, drag it over the vertical window edge and then release the mouse button after the
outline preview shows the proposed location for it.
Let's suppose you want to design your own Toolbar,
showing only the buttons you most often use. You could modify
the default Toolbar, but doing this creates
a permanent change you might not want.
Instead, you can build your own Toolbar and
then hide the default one:
Drag the “thumb”
toward the page.
Open the Controls Bars box if it's not
open and click New.
Name the New control bar in the following
dialog box and click OK. A very small
control bar with no buttons appears, floating
in the workspace.
Put a check next to the Button Palette on the Control
Bars list if it's not currently onscreen.
ALT and drag the buttons you want from the Button
Palette to your custom Toolbar. Anything on the palette
can be added; you don't need to restrict yourself to tools.
For example, Fit Text To Curve is a good operation,
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