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If you're running Windows Vista or Windows 7, before launching Xara, right-click its icon
and choose to run the program as Administrator. Xara Xtreme itself needs Administrator
permission to install a typeface to a Windows system folder. Alternatively, you can manually
install typefaces in Win 7 and Vista by right-clicking a font icon, and then choosing Install from the
shortcut menu.
Choose the Text Tool, and then click an insertion point
to the left and above the emblem.
Click on the Fonts drop-down list to make it the screen
element in focus. Type the first few letters of Biorst.
Typing BIO should bring up the typeface in the list
window. This is the quick shortcut alternative to
scrolling through a ponderously long installed font list.
Click the name to select it in the box. Click in the Point
Size box and type 60 ; then press ENTER .
Gryphon —a fair description of the beast drawing
inside the emblem. Your design should look similar to
that shown in Figure 13-1.
CTRL - S to save your work up to this point; don't
close the file.
Biorst was created (like most of the Xara typefaces) by FontBank, a design very similar to
Elsner-Flake's Demi Bold Ballantines Script. Font names are protected by copyright, but not
the design of the characters themselves. If you're looking for a bold script font for future
use and don't want to constantly rely on Biorst (Ballantines), Krazy Kracks was designed by Nick Curtis.
Engl(ish) Schreibschr from the Berthold Foundry is also very nice, as is Adobe's Citadel Script and
Commercial Script, distributed by Bitstream, Letraset, and URW. Several popular typefaces are mastered
by different foundries; your best bet is to shop for the least expensive one, because on paper and on the
Web, the actual character differences are unnoticeable.
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