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and the copy now, leaving this recent copy on the page.
Save and keep the file open.
Bitmap Tracing
The tracing part of this example might seem anticlimactic after
all this documentation. However, you still have some creative
manual work to accomplish after the tracing, and the next steps
explain what settings to use for this image and why you should
choose them.
Utilities | Bitmap Tracer.
Choose the image from the top drop-down list and then
choose Limited Color from the Trace Mode drop-down
list. The bitmap has a maximum of 256 colors, so the
Limited Color option is the right choice.
Drag the Remove Noise slider to about 12 in this
example and then click Trace to preview the proposed
trace in the box at top right. You want to play with the
Remove Noise amount on a case-by-case basis; images
that you've enlarged can take a higher value.
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