Graphics Programs Reference
In-Depth Information
In the sections to follow, you'll work
with a number of bitmaps, all for different
types of assignments; in the process you'll
gain some manual skills and work with
the Bitmap Tracer to produce complex
compositions that would take days to trace
entirely by hand.
Your Options in Bitmap Tracer
If you have a bitmap graphic handy, import it to a new Xara
document now, just to get a handle on the options and features
in the Bitmap Tracer.
Choose Utilities | Bitmap Tracer. The illustration below
shows the utility's options and features.
F IGURE 12-1 The Bitmap
Tracer utility creates objects
whose outlines are based on the
difference in color in the original
Trace Preview
Accept results
Saves for future
Factory defaults
Original Bitmap and Trace Preview
The main
preview windows provide a side-by-side comparison of
the original bitmap and what the vector version might
look like; you click Trace to commence the tracing
process. You are not committed to this version of the
trace. If you don't approve of the rendering, change
some of the options and then click Trace again. It is only
when you click Insert that the vector version is placed in
your document and the Bitmap Tracer box closes. These
windows do not zoom or pan—the Preview always
shows the entire image.
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