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video or audio file you want to play in this folder. In this
example, you'd put metoo.flv, the video file, and metoo.
jpg, a preview file for the video in the folder.
Use the JW FLV Player Setup Wizard: www.
wizard?example=1 . Click the Embed Parameters section
and in the source field change /jw/embed/player.swf to
/index_html_files/player-viral.swf or /index_html_
files/player.swf depending on the version of the JW
FLV media player you downloaded. This is the correct
path if your website is installed into the root of the web
server. In the Height field, enter 344 , and in the Width
field, enter 425 , or any other dimensions you want.
Click the File Properties section of the Setup Wizard,
enter the full web address from which the video (file)
will load and also for the preview bitmap (image)
you are using, if any. In this example, enter http:// and .
Remember to substitute your actual website address for
the your_website part of the address.
Click the Update Preview & Code button and copy the
code from the Copy Your Code text box. Paste this code
into a text editor such as Notepad.
In the text editor, edit the first script tag to path the
swfobject.js script to your web server. Change it from:
<script type="text/javascript " src="http://
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://
With the upper-right placeholder on the video page
selected, open the Placeholder tab of the Web Properties
Copy the code you edited in Notepad, and then click
the Replace With HTML Code option and paste the
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