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Create a Photo Gallery
Galleries of drawing and photographs are a staple on the Web.
You have at least two methods of building BSL's photo gallery
that shows a thumbnail, and then a visitor's cursor action
displays a larger image.
Use a Popup Layer
The image thumbnail on the page
links to a layer containing the larger image.
Use a link
This takes less steps than creating a pop-up
and provides a “look” for the page that's fashionable on
the Web as of 9AM this morning.
You already know how to set up a Popup Layer and link to
it, exactly as you did earlier with the Google Map links. The
next steps show you how to use the Xara Popup Photo one-click
feature in the Web Properties box and also how to work around
a possibly uncomfortable reality that pop-ups do their thing with
the image but do not display a background .
PAGEDOWN to go to the Gallery page, and then
delete the halftone pattern group of shapes—the gallery
is intricate enough without the fancy overlay element.
From the Designs Gallery, import the Banger framed
gallery pics.xar.
One by one, with the Selector Tool, scale each grouped
object to a thumbnail size that will accommodate the
addition of five pictures and the
BSLTV link button at lower right on
the page layout.
Click the Link button on the Control
Bar, and then click the Popup Photo
option. Your only option is the Popup
Image Width, measured in pixels.
The images are medium-sized JPEGs
(the frames are vector art), so you can
specify a width as great as 700 pixels
by typing this value in the box. Then
press Apply.
Here comes the not-so-good news. In
the creative need to make this photo
a little wacky (okay, wack ier ), the
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