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on creating the button states, not drawing shapes. The following
steps show how to assign buttons of your own the proper action
and how to create the link to the page visitors go to when they
click on the pick:
Choose File | New | 640 Pix Web Page (VGA) because
the page dimensions don't need to be huge to build
rollover buttons. In this example, the buttons should be
about 78 pixels in width and 73 pixels high. The web
page preset is key to this example; it has layers named
properly for the HTML code.
CTRL - SHIFT - O to open Options. Set the Nudge Size
to 125pix and then press ENTER , which both applies the
new value and closes the Options box.
Draw a guitar pick or any button shape you feel will
serve the BSL index page well for linking to a tour map
page (which you'll import later in this chapter).
With the Text Tool, set the justification to Center Justify
on the Infobar, and then type Tour . Press ENTER to start
a new line, and then type Map . Make the button and the
text contrasting colors (a red pick with pale yellow text
works with the page design well). Center the text within
the button, scale it as necessary, and choose a web-safe
font for the text. Arial, the Xara default typeface, is web-
Open the Object Gallery if it's not open. You can see
that the button you created is on the MouseOff layer as
it should be.
With both objects selected (
CTRL - A ), press CTRL - K to
clone (duplicate) both shapes, and then press the LEFT
ARROW key on the keyboard to nudge the duplicates so
you can see them.
Choose a different color for the duplicate button;
consider in your own work leaving the text the same
color so you don't irritate or disorient the audience.
This is the button visitors will see when they hover their
cursor over the button.
Select the duplicate button and text, and then on the
Object Gallery, drag the titles for these shapes up to the
MouseOver layer. Make this layer visible by clicking its
closed-eye icon on the Object Gallery.
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