Graphics Programs Reference
In-Depth Information
CTRL - C to copy the bitmap, and then close the
document without saving.
In the website document, make sure the Panel layer you
created earlier is the current layer; click its title on the
Object Gallery to highlight this layer if it's not.
CTRL - V to paste the bitmap into the document, and
then move it to the upper right of the page.
With the bitmap selected, on the Advanced Website
Control Bar, click the Placeholder button.
Choose Replace With Graphic File; then click Browse and
choose Bangers logo animation.gif from the folder you are
using for resources in this chapter. Figure 11-1 shows the
process. Click the Open button to make the selection and
then click OK to close the Web Properties box.
Placing Text
Xara can import Microsoft's Rich Text Format (RTF), so there's
no problem creating flyers from an RTF file a friend typed,
for example, and then converting the flyer to a web page.
Also—and this is what you'll do next—you can import a text
file that has all the blog information, headlines, and personnel
F IGURE 11-1 Use a placeholder
in your document, and then link the
placeholder to the GIF animation.
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