Graphics Programs Reference
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their special purpose when objects are above them,
hiding button shapes.
Drag layer down
Tidiness is always important when designing anything, but if an area of a shape falls off the
web page in Xara, areas outside the page are clipped when the file is written as a PNG or JPEG
resource for the Web. Therefore, the halftone graphic, for example, will not extend beyond the
defined limits of the web page.
GIF Animations and Web Page
Chapter 10 shows the steps to
making animations and then
exporting them to GIF or Flash,
or to both formats from the same
Xara design. Pretend here that
you created BSL logo animation.
xar. The graphic is a headline for
the top of the index page and was
animated by creating moulds on
each word that bulge and pucker
in successive frames.
GIF and Flash animations do not reside directly within a
Xara document you want to export as a website. Rather, they
exist as GIF and SWF files that display on a web page because
they're copied to a specific folder on the web server, and then
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