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Now to add an overlay:
On the Object Gallery, click Layers to let Xara know
your intended operation is to create a new layer, and
then click New. Type a new name for this layer's title;
Panel is fine. If necessary, drag this layer's position on
the Object gallery list until it's above the Background
layer but below MouseOff.
On the Designs Gallery,
right-click over halftone
background.xar, and
then choose Import
from the pop-up menu.
This halftone design
will probably not land
precisely to line up
with the page, because
it's not exactly the
same size as the web
document page. With
the black halftone and
purple solid rectangle
group selected, type
0 in the X field on the
Infobar, type 0 in the
Y field, and then press
ENTER . It's aligned to
the page now.
On the Object Gallery, drag the title for the halftone
graphic to the Panel layer.
With the halftone graphic selected, choose
Arrange | Repeat On All Pages.
Repeated items are unique to each page. You can remove one from one page but keep the rest.
Repeated items will dynamically update if, for example, you change some text and then use
Arrange | Update Repeating Objects.
Add a Static Graphic
There's nothing special about the graphics in the Resources
folder; they were drawn in Xara, and you import graphics
you've drawn that were for any purpose into a web page
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