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Done! Look at the Object Gallery; you'll see that you have
three pages following your index page. Now you can proceed
to add elements that will be featured on every page and create
links from the index to the other three pages. Remember, you
don't have to fill in a page to link to it from the index; the page
just needs to exist in the Xara document.
Multi-page documents can have layers unique to a specific page; my2ndpage.html, for
example, can have five layers, while index.html only has one. However, if you intend to have
common graphics on several pages, for the sake of organization and your own sanity, it's best
to keep a layer that contains common graphics and text on a layer with the same name and stacking
order throughout the document.
Adding the Background
Because this template will be smaller in pixel dimensions that
a lot of the audience's screen resolution, you need to specify
a background color or a bitmap for the document. If nothing
is coded into the HTML, the high-res audience will see white
padding around the pages, which looks like My First Website.
To set a solid background color, hold
CTRL , drag a swatch
from the Color Line, and then drop it onto the page. If
you want a custom color, mix it up by using the Color
Editor and name it by clicking the Tag button. After you
add the color to the Color Line, hold CTRL , and drag it
onto the page.
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