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Click Copy. Move the pencil and its shadow to the top
right of the 3, select the 3's outline, and then go back to
High Quality view—drag the Quality slider all the way
to the right.
Choose the Transparency Tool, and then drag the entire
gradient line (both control points) to the right until the
opaque part of top of the 3 meets the pencil point.
Click Copy to create the next frame. Select the pencil
and shadow. Lower the view quality setting on the
Standard Bar to aid positioning as needed. Move the
pencil and its shadow, and then repeat step 4 to extend
the transparency until the 3 stroke meets the pencil
point. Finish the 3 using 2 or 3 more frames; consider
rotating the pencil once in a while, as you would do
if you were drawing a large 3 on a physical sheet of
paper. You'll want to put the transformation center of
the pencil at its point; you don't want the pencil rotating
from its center but instead from its fulcrum, the graphite
that meets the paper in the drawing.
After you've dragged the start and end transparency
control points on the 3 until it's completely opaque,
move on to making the pencil “draw” the number 2.
The steps and technique are the same as in steps 2 - 5.
Perform the same steps to reveal the 1; don't forget
Gradient directions
that after you edit a frame, you must click Copy on the
Animation Frame Gallery.
Click Copy once all three numbers have been “drawn,”
and then add two more frames to move the pencil out of
frame, stage left (your right).
Preview the animation, and then export it to Flash
file format. And pat yourself on the back for doing
something that breaks the animation rules but works,
An After-Class Special
You are not obliged to do anything with the Judy JumpRope.
xar file, but if you think you're going to get seriously into
animation, this is what's called a cycle animation, very much
like the emoticon example. The actions in the last frame are one
frame short of completing the beginning, so it loops perfectly.
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