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Xara perform tweening automatically for you. This
means yes, you can change control points and curves,
and add and delete curves, but the result might look like
a choppy slide show with no auto-created transitions
between keyframes.
You can animate text traveling along a curve and export it as a Flash movie. See Chapter 8 for
the steps on how to use the Arrange | Fit Text To Curve command.
Rotate objects
You can rotate shapes and also rotate
them after you've moved a shape's transformation center
outside of the object (terrific for making waving flags).
As long as you use the Mix transparency
type, you can animate the percentage of flat transparency
over time, and Xara does the tweening. However, you can
achieve a fairly smooth manual tweening of linear and
some other gradient transparencies, as you'll see later in
this chapter. It's not hard.
Flat fills
You can do some exciting color modulations
when you change the flat color (solid color) of shapes
over time. Imagine how interesting you can build an
animation when you have several different objects
changing colors at different rates over time. Or different
shapes of the same color, changing to the same alternate
color, at different rates over time.
Objects and Fills that Flash Supports
You can create certain shapes and fills in Xara that Flash
animation can't handle, and Xara warns you of this before you
export an animation. The good news is that everything that Flash
can handle, Xara can create. The following list describes what you
should and shouldn't use when making a scene for animation:
Outline properties
Standard Flash export supports
outline width and color but only the rounded line caps
and joins. If you choose to export to Flash version 8, it
supports Xara's other types of control point properties.
Flash does not support Pressure Profiles/ Stroke Shapes,
dashed lines, or other categories in the Line Gallery.
However, if your design calls for a fancy outline
stroke, you can convert the line to a shape—choose
Arrange | Convert Line to Shape.
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