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Marquee-drag a new paragraph frame to the left of the
original, make it the width of the left column, and then
press CTRL - V to paste the Clipboard text. This text is still
associated with the other frame, but now it's the first
paragraph frame as far as reading
the text goes.
CTRL - A to select all, and
then increase the point size on
the Infobar to 18 points.
Click the Right Justify button
on the Infobar. Most times,
right-aligned text is hard to
read in English publications,
but this text is large and there
are few words per line, so it's
acceptable here, and you've
added another design element.
Play with the paragraph frames,
using the Text Tool to drag
frame-corner control handles
until the text looks neatly
aligned and the repelled text
doesn't break in the middle of
a line. You can resize the lead-in
paragraph frame, reposition it,
and drag the bottom control
corners down to get the flow
you need.
A Variation on the Page Layout
You can quickly make a new layout by using the existing grid;
you can create an equally interesting and legitimate treatment of
the article's elements by reworking the elements in the grid or
envisioning a different underlying grid. You can use a lot of line
spacing (leading) to leave white space on the page; this treatment
is fashionable in magazines today for lead-in paragraphs.
Follow these steps to create an alternative layout:
Select all the lead-in text, and then increase the line
spacing to 160%; you can click on the Increase button
next to the number field on the Infobar, or type this
value in and then press ENTER . Move the paragraph
frame up by using the Selector Tool, and then with the
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