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Select all the text, and try Palatino Linotype on the Fonts
drop-down list for the text; it came with windows XP
and it's a nice departure from using Times New Roman
all the time. Specify 12 points for the text.
With the Selector Tool, select the burger and the grouped
headline, and then choose Arrange | Apply Soft Group—
CTRL - ALT - G is a very good keyboard shortcut to commit
to memory. What you have done is to create a group
from the grouped headline and the burger (which itself
is a soft group of grouped objects), without moving
anything to a common layer. All the burger elements
are on different layers, as is the headline, but it's still a
(soft) group that you can move as a single entity.
Showtime for the Repel Text feature: the text is beneath
the Soft Group on its own layer. With the Selector Tool,
right-click over the burger and then choose Repel Text
under from the pop-up menu.
14pt (a little more than the height of the text is
good spacing) in the Extra Repel Margin field and then
click Repel.
This is
really cool stuff (for desktop publishing people).
Try dragging the soft group around the page and watch
how the repelled body
text rearranges itself.
Unfortunately, there
appears to be too much
text for the layout.
Dimmed text is overflow
text… and ultimately
it has to go somewhere
on the page. Or you'd
ask the copywriter to
cut a paragraph or two.
No, strike that thought,
and continue to the next
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