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CTRL - ALT - I and then go get the Burger text.rtf file.
Choose to merge the file when asked.
Make certain the current editing layer is the Text layer;
click it to highlight it on the Object Gallery if it's not
already selected.
With the Text Tool, marquee-drag a paragraph frame
from the second grid column at top to the bottom
right of the layout, staying inside the guides that were
originally created in this file.
Put the Text Tool cursor in the imported text, press
CTRL - A to select all, and then press CTRL - X to cut the text
to the Clipboard.
Click the cursor inside the paragraph frame and then
press CTRL - V to paste the text into the frame. Use white
space by leaving unfilled cells in your grid to push the
reader's eye toward the content on the page.
The margin on this page is wider at right than at left because it is to go in a magazine, and
magazines have gutters. Therefore, this is a left-facing page.
Bottom layer
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