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underscore here ( SHIFT - HYPHEN )—this is the character
Nick assigned to complete the underscore swash.
Repeat step 3 for the other spaces, and then after the
in “Top,” type a right parenthesis ( SHIFT - 0 ) to add the
character that rounds and returns the underscore swash.
With the Selector Tool, move the grouped graphic of the
word “This” until it overlaps the text, but just a little so the
headline is an integrated graphic with all the words legible.
Select both the text and the group, and then press
to group the two.
Click on the selected group to put it into Rotate/
Skew transformation mode, and then rotate the group
counterclockwise until the stems in the text (the vertical
components) look perfectly vertical, another design
embellishment. Save the file now, but don't close it.
Use the Character Map that came with Windows when you're working with a typeface that's
a picture font or the characters don't map to the keyboard in an obvious way. You can double-click
a preview character in Character Map, and then paste it into Xara with the RTF option, which
often retains the font itself in addition to pasting the character. A much better freeware utility is called
NexusFont, available at NexusFont not only maps characters, but also previews both installed
and uninstalled typefaces. And JungHoon Noh doesn't refuse donations for his freeware software work.
Create a Grid, Import, and Repel Text
The Repel Text feature in Xara Xtreme is dynamic and the best
implementation of DTP text wrapping in any program to date.
Looking at this layout and the elements you have, repelling
the text you'll soon import will give you a wonderful design
opportunity to flow the paragraph around part of the burger.
Let's get to laying out the grid and then bringing in the text:
A number of grids can be used with this page, but you'll
begin with a simple one: Drag two vertical guides from
the rulers to create three even columns, and then one
horizontal guide to unevenly divide the page at about the
5” mark on the vertical ruler. Drag two vertical guides
from the horizontal ruler—put them at 2 ¾” and 5 ½”.
Put the burger at the lower right of the page, and then
move the headline to the left, just above the burger, so
it occupies the two left columns. There is absolutely no
professional decree that says a headline needs to go at
the top of a page.
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