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T-shirt sized version of the artwork. Once a bitmap has been
painted or captured as a digital photograph, no program on Earth
can intelligently add details automatically; it can only create new
pixels based on an evaluation of the color pixels that already exist
in the picture. Sophisticated design applications such as Xara can
perform some blending and color averaging when making bitmap
blow-ups, but because they are resolution-dependent, you'll never
see more visual detail or quality. At best, the blown-up photo looks
blurry, and at worst, the pixels that make up the details of the
design become more prominent than the image itself.
On the other hand, the same watermelon illustration, drawn
in Xara Xtreme, contains all the design details the artist cared
to add. As a vector-type drawing, the watermelon slices can
be individually moved, rotated, duplicated to serve 2-100
picnickers, and most importantly, scaled up (or down) with no
loss of detail. Figure 1-2 shows examples of scaling, rotating,
and reworking the composition and a wireframe view to show
Draw a shape and get
a return investment on your labors.
Separate objects
Rotate, move, and scale
with no detail changes
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