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click Portrait. This gives you 14 inches in height by 8 ½ inches in
width. This paper size is supported by inkjet paper manufacturers
and even most moderately-priced inkjet printers. If you fold this
paper in half each way, you have a booklet that's 7 inches by 4 ¼
inches, which in turn you can trim down to 6 inches by 4 inches, a
good size to rest on tables. This also means that the standing menu
can be bled; graphics can run right to the edge of the crops.
In the following sections, you'll set up a template, including
guides for margins, and then play DTP professional, designing
the cover, adding graphics, building a logo, and formatting text
provided for you to make a neat, convenient arrangement of the
restaurant's bill de faire .
Setting Up Guides
Guides on this U.S. Legal-
sized page serve two important
functions: to show where the
printable area is, thus avoiding
text and images unintentionally
falling off the printable page,
and also to serve as snapping
points—Xara's guides can
magnetically attract objects in
proximity to them, so perfect
alignment is a snap. The
orientation of objects on the
page is not intuitive when you're
making a booklet: top left is
the cover (upside-down, which
rectifies itself after you fold
the page), top right is the back
(also upside-down), and then the
interior pages are right-side-up
from bottom left to bottom right.
In the steps to follow you'll
add guides to break the page into
four sides when folded, and then
add the face page's graphic to get
the ball rolling.
Here's how to set up a U.S. Legal paper size with the guides
you need and then place the image for the front:
Drag guides from rulers
U.S. Legal size
Interior page 2
Interior page 3
6" s 4"
CTRL - L to display rulers, if they aren't visible. If
the rulers aren't set up for inches, press CTRL - SHIFT - O
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