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you need to make. Set the outline width to a size such
as 72 points on the Standard Bar.
Click the Fill
Properties tab, and
then uncheck the Tile
Fills check box. The
stroke on the page is
going to look much
better now. Definitely
click Save right now
to save and apply
this important
change, but do not
close the Brush
dialog box yet.
Click the Spacing tab. Drag the Random slider to
about the 65-152% range, and choose Random from
the Sequence Progresses drop-down list. Then click
the Randomise button a few times, watching how the
selected stroke on the page changes. Stop clicking when
you have a nice random arrangement and then click
Save, but don't close the box yet.
Click the Rotation tab, and make changes similar to
those you made with Spacing. Make the rotation a little
random as the brush stroke travels. Click Save, and you
can now close the Brush box.
F IGURE 7-2 Fewer calories than
ordinary illustrations, less filling
due to object transparency.
Open up Xara Xtreme Stout.xar if you'd like to apply your
water droplet brush to an appropriate target illustration. As you
can see in Figure 7-2, the droplets enhance the drawing
of the bottle without obscuring the label, due to the
transparency built into the brush droplets. Strokes you
create are local to a document and, therefore, you need
to have both the Xtreme Stout file and the file in which
you created your brush stroke to apply your strokes
to the bottle file. You choose the Freehand and Brush
Tool, choose the brush stroke from the drop-down list
on the Infobar, set the outline size on the Standard Bar,
and then go to town. The Xara Xtreme Stout document
has water droplet strokes within it, with some sample
strokes applied to a hidden locked layer in the file.
Unlock and unhide the layer to use these strokes and to
see how they were built.
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