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Make life easy on yourself: the CD cover already has
text in shades of green. Drag the Hue slider's cross hair
and the cross hair in the Saturation/Value field over to
create a light green.
Click the drop-down arrow next to the Light Contone
entry and then choose Dark Contone. If the color model
choice shifts to CMYK, click the drop-down Color
Model menu to revert back to HSV. Then drag the cross
hair to a deep forest green color.
If you want the Color Editor to always use the same color model, choose Window | Options and
then, on the View tab, choose your favorite color model from the Edit Local Colors In drop-down
Naming Colors
Giving a name to a color you mix by using the Color Editor
does more than simply make it easy to find on the Color Line:
a named color —tagging a color value—lets you redefine the
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