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and Facebook users click the Like button, all of their friends will see that they liked it
and may click the link, too. This can be an easy and powerful means of promoting your
The good news is that adding Facebook's Like button is straightforward. To generate the
code to include it on your site, go to
plug-ins/like. Just fill out the form to get the code you need to add to your pages. When
you paste that code into your page, a Like button will appear that your users can click to
share your site on Facebook.
You can also create a widget that tracks all the mentions of your website on Facebook.
To do so, you use the Activity Feed plug, which can be found at http://developers. As with the other widgets, you fill out
the form on the page, and Facebook provides you with the code that you can paste into
your own page. An example of the widget along with the form used to create it is in
Figure 22.20.
FIGURE 22.20
Preview of the
Facebook Activity
Facebook provides a number of other widgets, too. To get an idea of all the ways you can
integrate your website with Facebook, go to
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