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The widget for a single user is called the Profile Widget; to create the widget; go to and then enter the name of the Twitter user
whose tweets will appear in the widget. Twitter will then provide a preview of the wid-
get, shown in Figure 22.19, along with a button that generates the HTML to embed the
widget in your own web page.
FIGURE 22.19
Preview of the
Twitter Profile
You can then take the code that is generated and paste it into your own web page to
incorporate the widget into your site.
Integrating with Facebook
Like Twitter, Facebook provides a number of features for developers that enable you to
integrate its features into your own site. Whereas Twitter's approach is to allow you to
use content from Twitter on your site, Facebook's approach is about letting you integrate
your site into Facebook. However, Facebook has many millions of users, and integration
with Facebook can be a compelling feature for your users.
One of the simplest ways to integrate Facebook with your site is to add a Like button.
When Facebook users click the button, the page that they're on will be shared in their
activity feed on Facebook. So, if you write an article on the best way to grill a hamburger,
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