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FIGURE 22.18
The Flickr All Sizes
page for a photo I
The All Sizes pages for photos you upload include the code you need to use the pho-
tographs on your own site. If you publish a blog, or a regular website with a blog-based
content management system, you can also set up Flickr so that photo detail pages include
a Blog This button that makes it easy to use photos on Flickr on your site. To do so, go
to Your Account, then click the Sharing & Extending tab, and then add them in the Your
Blogs section.
Embedding Twitter Content
Twitter is a social site that enables users to posts messages less than 140 characters long.
When you sign up for a Twitter account, you can sign up to follow other people and a
feed will be created containing all the posts that they write. Likewise, people can sign up
to follow your posts. Not only is Twitter widely used by people to keep track of what
their friends are up to, but it's also used to by businesses to post special offers and infor-
mation about their products, and by publications and blogs to let people know what
they're publishing on their sites. For example, my favorite ice cream place posts their fla-
vor of the day on Twitter every day at around noon.
You can follow Twitter using the website at, or you can download spe-
cial applications that are especially designed to work with the site. As a web publisher,
you can also incorporate content from Twitter into your own site. For more information,
go to It provides a website that will publish tweets
(that's the name for individual posts on Twitter) from a single user, from a list of users,
or search results for a particular term. Let's look at how to create a Twitter widget for
one user's tweets.
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