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FIGURE 22.17
The Flickr Creative
Commons page.
All the photos available through that page are licensed under a Creative Commons
licenses. These licenses are defined on the page, but in short, photos shared under these
licenses are legal to share, as long as you follow the terms in the license. For example, a
photo shared under a Noncommercial Attribution license can be used but not to make
money and also requires that the person using the photo credit the person who owns it
when it's shared. You just need to find the license that is compatible with your project in
the list and click See More.
From there, you can use the search form to search for images that satisfy your require-
ments. From there, you can download the images and then use them on your own site.
Just go to the detail page, click All Sizes in the Actions menu above the photo, and
you'll be taken to the page that shows all the image sizes available, shown in Figure 22.18.
Flickr's Community Guidelines state that you must link back to the
Flickr page for a photograph when you use that photograph on
another site. If the photo uses a Creative Commons license that
may not necessarily be the case, but it's still polite to do so.
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