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Drupal site is deciding which types of nodes will be part of it. Nodes are the “content” in
the content management system.
To create new nodes or manage the nodes that already exist, you can click the Content
button in the navigation. When you do so, the Content dialog, shown in Figure 22.14,
will be displayed.
FIGURE 22.14
The Drupal
Content dialog.
As you can see, the dialog provides a list of existing content, enabling the administrator
to add new content or manage the content that already exists. When you click the Add
New Content link, you're given the option of Drupal provides a WYSIWYG editor writ-
ten in JavaScript for editing content, and also provides the option of editing the HTML
source for the content, too.
To change the appearance of your site, you can select a new theme, and then modify by
choosing an alternate color scheme or even editing the styles of individual elements on
the page. You can see the Theme selection interface in Figure 22.15.
After you've selected a theme, you can further customize the look and feel of your site
using the Brand, Layout, and Styles buttons. The Advanced button enables you to add
custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to your site if you need to further customize
your site.
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