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Alternatively, you could use the following line:
<frameset rows=“*,*”>
The rows attribute
defines the num-
ber of horizontal
frames or rows in
a frameset.
If you try either of the preceding examples, you'll find that the
<frameset> tag doesn't appear to work. You get this result
because there are no contents defined for the rows or columns in
the frameset. To define the contents, you need to use the
<frame> tag, which is discussed in the next section.
The <frame> Tag
After you have your basic frameset laid out, you need to associate an HTML document
with each frame using the <frame> tag, which takes the following form:
<frame src=“ document URL ”>
For each frame defined in the <frameset> tag, you must include a corresponding
<frame> tag, as shown in the following:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> The FRAME Tag </title>
<frameset rows=”*,*,*”>
<frame src=”document1.html”>
<frame src=”document2.html”>
<frame src=”document3.html”>
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