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2. The two main advantages of SWFObject are that it enables you to create valid
markup that still supports a wide variety of browsers and that it gracefully handles
cases where the user is missing the Flash plug-in or the version of the Flash plug-
in they have installed is out of date.
3. Two <object> tags are required because one set of attributes works with Internet
Explorer and another set of attributes work with other browsers, like Firefox and
4. This is a trick question. No one container format or codec is supported by all
browsers. To reach your entire audience, you must encode your video in multiple
formats and use Flash for browsers without native support for the s tag.
1. Upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo, and then create a web page with that video
embedded in it.
2. Use one of the two video players listed in this chapter, JW Player or Flowplayer, to
embed a video in a web page. Look into the configuration options and try changing
the appearance of the player.
3. Try rewriting the YouTube embed code for a video on the site in a standards-
compliant fashion. There's no reason why you must use YouTube's nonstandards-
compliant code to embed their movies in your pages.
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