HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The remaining options enable you to alter the appearance of the video player. You can
adjust the color scheme and the height and width of the video from this page. After
you've chosen all of your customization options, you can copy the embed code and use it
in your page. Later in this lesson, you'll learn about what these customization options
change in the underlying markup.
Other Services
YouTube is the most popular video hosting service, but there are many others, too.
Vimeo ( is a popular video hosting service that's a lot like YouTube.
YouTube offers unlimited uploads but limits the length of video uploads to 10 minutes.
Vimeo offers a professional (paid) account that enables subscribers to upload videos of
any length. Many people also think that Vimeo's video player, shown in Figure 12.5, is
more attractive than YouTube's because the controls disappear entirely when you're
watching the video.
Vimeo's video
The process of uploading video files to Vimeo is nearly identical to the process for
YouTube. You just choose your file and information like the name and description. Both
sites will convert video from nearly any common format to the format used by their
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