HTML and CSS Reference
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TABLE 11.1
Creates a Reset button that resets all form controls to their initial
Creates a check box.
Creates a radio button.
Creates a button from an image.
Creates a pushbutton. The three types are Submit, Reset, and Push,
with no default.
Creates a hidden form control that cannot be seen by the user.
Creates a file upload control that enables users to select a file with
the form data to upload to the server.
Creates a button that can have HTML content.
A text-entry field with multiple lines.
A menu or scrolling list of items. Individual items are indicated by the
<option> tag.
Individual items within a <select> element.
Creates a label associated with a form control.
Organizes form controls into groups.
Displays a caption for a <fieldset> element.
If you've made it this far, I'm sure that you still have a few questions. I've included a
few that I think are interesting. Afterward, test your retention by taking the quiz, and
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Q Are there security issues associated with including forms on my website?
A Yes and no. The forms themselves are not a security risk, but the scripts that
process the form input can expose your site to security problems. Using scripts that
you can download and use on your own site can be particularly risky, because
malicious people will already know how to exploit any of their bugs. If you are
going to use publicly available scripts, make sure they are approved by your host-
ing provider and that you are using the latest release.
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