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Are you getting the hang of this yet?
The next three cells are pretty easy because they don't span anything. Here are their
<td> Models without AC </td>
<td> 10mm </td>
<td> 5-7mm </td>
The last cell in this row is just like the first one:
<td rowspan=“2” >5-7mm </td>
You're up to row number four. In this one, because of the rowspan s from the previous
row, there are only three cells to define: the cell for Models with AC and the two cells
for the numbers:
<td> Models with AC </td>
<td> 12mm </td>
<td> 6-8mm </td>
In this table, I've made the Alternator cell a heading cell and the
AC cells plain data. This is mostly an aesthetic decision on my
part. I could have made all three into headings just as easily.
Now for the final row—this one should be easy. The first cell (Power Steering Oil Pump)
spans two columns (the one with Alternator in it and the with/without AC column). The
remaining three are just one cell each:
<th colspan=“2”> Power Steering Oil Pump </th>
<td> 12.5mm </td>
<td> 7.9mm </td>
<td> 6-8mm </td>
That's it. You're done laying out the rows and columns. That was the hard part. The rest
is just fine-tuning. Try looking at it again to make sure there are no strange errors (see
Figure 10.28).
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