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FIGURE 10.16
The long row fixed
with <br/> .
On the other hand, you might have a table in which a cell is being wrapped and you want
all the data on one line. (This can be particularly important for things such as form ele-
ments within table cells, where you want the label and the input field to stay together.) In
this instance, you can add the nowrap attribute to the <th> or <td> elements, and the
browser keeps all the data in that cell on one line. Note that you can always add <br />
elements to that same cell by hand and get line breaks exactly where you want them.
Let's suppose you have a table where the column headings are wider than the data in the
columns. If you want to keep them all online, use nowrap as follows:
<table width=“50%” summary=“Best Hitters of All Time”>
<th> Player Name </th>
<th nowrap=“nowrap”> Batting Average </th>
<th nowrap=“nowrap”> Home Runs </th>
<th> RBI</th>
<td> Babe Ruth </td>
<td> .342 </td>
<td> 714 </td>
<td> 2217 </td>
<td> Ted Williams </td>
<td> .344 </td>
<td> 521 </td>
<td> 1839 </td>
Regardless of the width of the table, the Batting Average and the Home Runs column
headings will not wrap.
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