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The menu.html file
with link.
If your browser can't find the file when you click on the link, make sure that the name of
the file in the href part of the link tag is the same as the name of the file on the disk,
uppercase and lowercase match, and both files are in the same directory. Remember to
close your link, using the </a> tag, at the end of the text that serves as the link. Also,
make sure that you have quotation marks at the end of the filename (sometimes you
can easily forget) and that both quotation marks are ordinary straight quotes. All these
things can confuse the browser and prevent it from finding the file or displaying the link
Now you can create a link from the feeding page back to the menu page. A paragraph at
the end of the claudius.html page is intended for just this purpose:
<p> Go back to Main Menu </p>
Add the link tag with the appropriate href to that line, such as the following in which
menu.html is the original menu file:
<p><a href=”menu.html”> Go back to Main Menu </a></p>
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